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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions by our customers

LuminX is a solar reflective cool roof paint. It is applied on roofs and/or surfaces where direct intensity of sunlight is high. Application of luminX reflects soalr heat and cools down the surface and the indoors.
It has multiple benefits. It reduces the surface and indoor temperatures hence resulting in cooler indoors. It saves on electricity bills due to less use of ACs. It has multiple benefits for various industrial and business uses liks energy efficiency, thermal comfort.

LuminX is a suitable to use on a range on substrates like RCC, coated GI sheets, metal sheets, asbestos roofs, stone/tiles.

Once applied, LuminX coating works well for 3  to 5 years.

Yes,  By design LuminX offers a waterproof and water repellent properties.

Application process is very simple. Ensure good cleaning before application. Follow the process steps as per instructions

 A minimum of 2 coats of LuminX are recommended.

LuminX reduces the surface temperature by upto 40%* and it can reduce the indoor temperature by upto 20%*.

Yes, LuminX reduces the need for air conditioning, It reduces the AC load and hence reduces electricity bill.

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There is a 3 year warranty that we offer. You can simply get in touch with us on whatsapp @9166506029 to claim your warranty benefits
In metro cities, you get the product on the same day or next day. In other places, delivery will happen between 2-6 days depending on exact location and geographic conditions
Yes, you can return intact buckets within 7 days of delivery
LuminX is a cost effective product. It starts from 10 rs per sq feet.
If you are lucky, you will get a coupon inside the box, send it to us on whatsapp @9166 506029 and we will process your cashback
We have buckets in 5, 10 and 20 kgs.
You can use our calculator and figure out the quantity you need
You would need approx 2 buckets of 20 kg product with minor variations depending on surface type. Head to our calculator and know the exact requirements.
No. Indoor temperature reduces by ~15% after application of LuminX. Hence in winters when the ambient temperature is 15-20 degrees, you will hardly see a 1 degree change in temperature inside.
You just have to do basic surface cleaning once every 2-3 months. LuminX is a low maintenance and high performance product
SRI means Solar refractive index. It is synonymous with the product’s ability to reflect sun heat. Higher the SRI, the better the solar reflectivity.
GRIHA stands for Green rating for Integrated habitat Assessment. It is a rating given to high eco friendly and sustainable products.
Yes, our product is versatile and water repellent, and works across weather conditions.
Yes, it is a water based product
Yes it is a sustainable product which is also GRIHA certified