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How to apply

Application Process of LuminX is very simple. Anyone can do the application themselves within just few hours.

It’s a simple 6 step process:

 Step 1

Choose a bright day for the application.

 Step 2

Prepare the surface by thoroughly cleaning using wire brush/water pressure jet to remove all layers of dirt/dust/moss/ fungi/ algae / loose materials etc.

 Step 3

Let the surface dry before applicaiton of first coat.

 Step 4

Open the Paint bucket, Add water for dilution (mix  20% water by weight, i.e. 4L for 20Kg Bucket), Mix it well.
Now apply the first coat with the help of Brush/Roller/Spray.

 Step 5

Leave the surface to dry for a minimum for 2-4 hours.

 Step 6

Now apply the second coat in a cross or perpendicular way to the first coat. and leave it to full dry (24 to 48 hours).