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SRI – Solar Reflectance Index.

SRI -value is 0 for black surface and SRI value 100 for white surface. is measured on the factors of solar reflectance and Thermal emissivity. Solar reflectance – ability of a material to reflect solar light (UV, Vis, IR) across the spectra. Thermal emissivity – ability of material to emitt absorbed heat.

LUMINX cool coating has a high SRI value(as per latest methods ASTM E-1980-19 ) and it is #1 Top rate brand with a High SRI value in the cool roof coating paints in India.

LUMINX is a single component acrylic based elastomeric white color coatings for roofs, with it’s superior solar reflectance, it protects the exteriors from UV degradation, reduces the roof surface temperature by upto 50% cooler.

This help in dramatically lower air conditioning costs during the peak summer months and hence help us to mitigate the “Urban Heat Island” effects.

The top layer coat on a roof is responsible for whom to allow and whom not to allow into the roof surface. Generally when we see anything white in color that means it doesn’t absorb any visibile part of spectra photons. which is the only the lesser half part of the entire solar spectra. the other half part is IR – this portion of spectra is responsible for heating in our buildings. LuminX reflects the maximum of IR heat causing radiation of the spectra. and this make is a LuminX a High SRI cool roof solar heat reflective paint for cooler homes.

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