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A cool paint is actually cooler than the standard paints becuase of the its property to absorb less amount of solar heat during a sunny day. In summers the cool paint coated surface always remain at a much lower temperature than the standard surface. Cool paint are of various type

Cool Roof paint

Cool Walk Paintis the terminlogy used in the cases of Cool Roof Paint, Cool wall paints/coating, Cool roof Paint or Roof Cooling paint, Cool Paint for Walking, Footpath Cooling Paint etc

Cool roof Coating for cooler homes

Cool Paints are generally comes in bright white colors mainly due to the science that lighter colors absorb less amount of heat as comparted to darker colors.

When we say cool paint does not always means a standard white paint, Cool Paints are much more than a standard paint.

  • Cool paints are way cooler than standard white paints
  • Cool Roof Paints are reflective in nature – their solar heat reflective nature helps then to reflect way the maximum heat and absorbs a very small part only
  • Coool roof paints have high reflectivity
  • Cool Roof paint’s Emissivity is also key factor – Emissivity means how fast a material emitt the absorbed heat
  • Cool roof paint helps in refuceing indoor temperatre
  • Cool roof paints helps in save electricity.

Generally people ignore the importance of roofs other than saving rain or offer shade. A standard roof – RCC roof, Asphalt Roof, Metal roof – all kind of roofing material absorbs a significant amount of solar heat. They absorb more amount of heat and holds this absorbed heat for longer hours.That’s they very same resons duing summer the peak hot indoor conditions are observed after 3PM and towrds the evening hours.

A roof painted with LuminX High SRI solar heat reflective cool roof coating found more than 50% cooler than the standard roof.